Who We Are

 Sprouting New Beginnings’ mission is to consult, train, and inform professionals and families on ways to build
strong foundations for the health development of the whole child.

Our vision is to plant the seeds of early learning to promote strong bonds, language, literacy and healthy
brain development for lifelong learning success.

Our focus is on fun and interactive ways to support the whole child through
American Sign Language, sensory play, music and literacy to promote school readiness and success.

Jenning and Jennifer

Jennifer and Jenning

Jenning A Prevatte, M.Ed and Jennifer M. Matthews, M.Ed. received their Masters in Special Education with an emphasis on Infants and Young Children from Arizona State University.

During the completion of their master’s thesis studies on the effects of American Sign Language (ASL) on early literacy skills and brain development they engaged in action research and developed a meta-analysis on the positive impacts of using ASL with hearing children. 

In their meta-analysis they noted that using this strategy not only supports communication but also development of literacy skills, brain development, fine motor skills, adaptive skills, and social and emotional skills in children. 

Over the last 12-years they have continued their research and developed a unique and successful consulting business that provides training for professionals, classes for families, and coaching.  The consulting business Sprouting New Beginnings’ mission is to consult, train, and inform professionals and families on ways to build strong foundations for the healthy development of the whole child.

Finally through a labor of love they have published their first book in the series of the Sign, Read, & Play collection.

Jenning and Jennifer are early childhood educators, trainers, coaches, and mothers.  They consult on the use of American Sign Language to support literacy, brain development, child development skills, working with exceptional children, and with positive guidance.  They are national presenters and the authors of a series of educational resources, Sign, Read, & Play  

They have presented at the following conferences:

  • NAEYC National Conference
  • Early Head Start National Conference
  • NAFCC National Conference
  • Child Abuse Prevention Conference
  • Association of Supportive Child Care(ASCC) “Young Child’s Conference”
  • PK1 Conference (formerly the California KG Conference)
  • ILASCD Conference
  • Rocky Mountain Early Childhood Conference
  • TRIAD Conference
  • ASCC Self-Study Conference
  • Arizona Early Learning Institute
  • Early Childhood Education Conference “Arizona on the Move”
  • Arizona Head Start Association Mental Health Symposium

Our company, Sprouting New Beginnings offers a variety of workshops and consulting to professionals and families to support child development, early brain development, early literacy, and school readiness.

We utilize a variety of strategies that support the whole child – every child.