Summer Planning Ahead

The other day I was speaking with one of my friends, another early childhood professional and we were talking about planning for next year and some the challenges she had been having last year with her class.  I asked her what strategies she has been using and she named about three really great ones.  However, she didn’t mention American Sign Language (ASL).

ASL is often overlooked as an early intervention strategy and teaching resource.  It is thought of as a wonderful way to support pre-verbal children learn to speak, but not as a way to support problem solving skills, self-help skills, social-emotional development and let’s not forget reading and math.  ASL is not just a great strategy for language development but it is also a wonderful strategy for encouraging positive behavior choices, helping children express their feelings in positive and healthy ways, and increase problem solving skills.

Not Just for Prevebal II

These ‘soft skills’ as many educators call them are essential for school and life success.  Take into consideration Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.  Children’s basic needs both physical and emotional need to be met in order for children to be able to learn.  The ability to learn and grow is in the upper tier of the hierarchy.  It is our jobs as parents and professionals to support these basic emotional needs.

Through my work with Sprouting New Beginnings, working with families and early childhood professionals we have found that ASL is a simple, effective, and fun strategy to support all areas of child development.

It supports the following domains:

  • Fine motor
  • Vision
  • Language development
  • Social/emotional development
  • Self-help/adaptive skills
  • Cognitive development

ASL supports the whole child, every child!  It is truly amazing that one gift from the deaf community can support so much in hearing children.  By simply adding 5 – 10 words in ASL into your classroom environment you will change your children forever.


If you haven’t embraced this gift and passed it on to the children in your life, then make it one of your professional development goals to learn how to use ASL in your program in 2016-2017 school year.

Sprouting New Beginnings has developed over 70 resources and we even wrote a book to support you in integrating ASL into your program and your work with young children.  We promise, this gift will change your life for the better. 

Over 12-years ago it was the greatest gift we ever gave to our own children.  The gift of communication!  Our bond is still strong.

So during the summer, check-out one of our resource stores, Teachers Pay Teachers or Syllabuy and have fun incorporating ASL into your reading program!  Remember we have over 70 different resources to help you with your summer planning and many of them are even FREE!

Are you looking to learn more ASL?  Check out the Sprouting New Beginnings YouTube site and feel free to join the fun and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. We love sharing the gift of ASL with others.

Happy Signing II