Our Favorite Love-Reading

Over the past year we have had the great opportunity to share our love of literature with children.  So we thought we would share seven of our favorite children’s stories that we’ve read this past year with you.  These stories are not only entertaining, but also wonderful stories to sign to using American Sign Language (ASL).  

  • Not a Box, by Antoinette Portis – this is a New York Times best illustrated children’s book and is a cute story about a bunny and a box.  Is is a wonderful book to promote creativity and imagination.
  • Ten Black Dots by Donald Crew – this is a great book to support developing number sense which is a critical foundation for long-term success in math.
  • Thank you Bear by Greg Foky – what can we say about this adorable bear.  This is a sweet story about friendship.  It is a must read in 2016!
  • 26 Big Things Small Hands Do by Coleen Paratore – this is a fabulous book to read to young children about all the wonderful things they can do.  It is an alphabet book with purpose!
  • Bear’s New Friend by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman – We love the Bear series and honestly you can read any of the books and add ASL to them.  But Bear’s New Friend is a great book for helping a new child feel welcome.
  • Who Stole the Cookies from the Cookie Jar? illustrated by Viviana Garofoli – who doesn’t love this story filled with rhymes and fun?  This is a favorite in our classrooms.
  • Cookie’s Week by Cindy Ward and Tomie dePaola – this is a hysterical book about Cookie the cat.  He is a mischievous cat that does something each day of the week.  A great one for helping young children make meaningful connections to the days of the week.

Bear and Cookie

We hope you enjoy reading these stories with the children in your life in the upcoming year as much as we did.  We loved them so much that we created a Sign, Read, & Play (SRP) lesson for each of them.  You can find all the SPR lessons on  Teachers Pay Teachers, Syllabuy or Teacher’s Notebook. 

As we ring in the New Year we’d like to say Thank You to all of you for impacting children’s lives!  Remember, “Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” Chinese Proverb  

Please download our 100 Plus Books to Read Before Age, which are all very easy to sign to as our gift to you!

Happy Signing II