FUN with Names and Letters

Ah September!  This is the month that families and educators alike can take a deep breath.  By now everyone has settled into a new and wonderful school routine. Since those new routines are clearly embedded into your day you can now start thinking about L-E-T-T-E-R-S! That’s right, how to help teach and enhance letter knowledge.  Of course we love using American Sign Language (ASL) and one of our very favorite ways of integrating ASL with letters is through children’s names.  IMG_2669

Did you know the first letters a young child usually learns are the letters in their name and the first word a child reads is their own name?  It is important in the beginning of school year to focus activities on children’s names to practice letter identification. We love creating activities that are all about names. For older children you can extend this idea into learning their last name or names of school items/activities or groups of animals. Be creative, using ASL and teaching letters should be lots of F-U-N!

Finger Spelling for SRP Resources

Here are some fun name activities:

  • Writing names in shaving cream – OH!  What a great sensory experience as well!
  • Rainbow names – on a piece of white construction paper write the child’s name in black marker and then the child may write over their own name several times using a variety of color crayons.
  • Name puzzles – on a piece of sentence strip write the child’s name in marker then cut up each letter so the child has to put their name back together again.
  • Magnetic Letters – on a piece of sentence strip or index card write each child’s name then have then find the magnetic letters in their name. Spelling out their name on a cookie sheet, matching each letter in their name.
  • Don’t forget with all these name activities add finger spelling to support letter knowledge.

If your child is under the age of 3 you can still have lots of fun with their name. Here are some suggestions:

  • Sing and sign their name
  • Create a book “About Me” and have pictures of your child with their name under the picture
  • Hang a picture of their name creatively written in their room
  • Play with foam letters in the bath tub and spell their name, remember to talk about the letters.  Name each letter and say the letter sound.

Are you looking for even more activities to integrate ASL?  We have TONS.  Check out our teacher resource sites filled with wonderful ASL resources to use in your program, visit us on Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s, Syllabuy, and Teacher’s Notebook

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