Creating a Language Rich Environment

Have you been waiting to see what our April giveaway will be?  Well, wait no more.  Our focus this month is on creating a language rich environment.  As ECE professionals we strive to provide the best environment for our young learners.  Creating spaces that support their physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development. But how do we use the environment to also help support language development?

Sprouting New Beginnings intentionally infuse ASL into daily routines, literacy activities, and even math.  But we also love to label our classrooms using ASL to support language and literacy development in young children.  

At first, when we began this journey there wasn’t a resource readily available for us to do this in the manner we were looking for.  So, we created our Classroom Labels.   We created labels that display the word of the object in English and in ASL along with an icon that matches the object for our youngest ‘readers.’  We quickly found this to be a highly beneficial addition to our classrooms as well as a wonderful tool to create various learning resources such as; matching games, puzzles, and cards for classifying and sorting games.

Labeling our classroom had other benefits as well.  It provided another opportunity for a child-directed approach to learning.  As we know, children learn best through child-guided activities, where the children are free to explore materials and acquire skills through their own experiences.  Labeling the classroom with our ASL Classroom Labels provided a support tool for children to explore the materials while building their vocabulary.  Basically, it was a win-win for everyone.  PLUS, our classroom was filled with rich vocabulary and visual literacy to support all learners.

If you haven’t had an opportunity to explore our ASL Classroom Labels, this is the month to do so since we are giving you a copy of our ASL Classroom Labels Volume 2 free, which is normally a paid resource.  So grab this resource today and don’t forget to add ASL Classroom Labels Volume 1 and 3 to round out the 300-word resource.  You can download them free from our TpT store.

Want more? Check out our many other resources at our online store at Teachers Pay Teachers and have fun incorporating ASL into your program!