April Showers Brings…

April Showers Brings May Flowers!

This saying reminds us that the rain nurtures the flowers to help them grow and bloom, like we care and nurture our children to help them grow and develop.  April is wonderful month to celebrate children and the most important people in their lives. 

So we want to take this month to thank and celebrate the people who make a difference in the lives of children; both the families and teachers.  We but together some suggestions on how to celebrate through April.  At Sprouting New Beginnings, we love to bridge the family and classroom together, so we hope you can plan on taking a moment and doing something special for your families or for your teachers during this time. 

As a special note, we want to thank you for all you do for young children, you are truly a blessing and a treasure!

Classroom fun:

  • Host a young author’s night or afternoon tea.
  • Host a Family Night and have families create books with their children.
  • Have a parade!  Have children create banners, signs, and costumes and celebrate!  Everyone loves a parade!
  • Write a grant in honor of the children in your program.  Make your program even better by adding in new toys, outdoor toys, a sensory table, or entirely new playground.  Honor the children and the families that make your program special. 

Family fun:

  • Give a special gift to show appreciation for your child’s teacher or the teacher’s in your center.  Something handmade gift by your child will touch their heart and let them know they are truly treasured. 
  • Ask to sponsor a Spring Party and bring in cookies or cupcakes to the classroom. Everyone loves cupcakes!!

“Every child begins the world again.”  -Henry David Thoreau

April, is also Autism Awareness month and Child Abuse Prevention month   So please don’t forget to support these worthy causes!






Last but not least April is the time we celebrate the Week of the Young Child™, which is the annual celebration sponsored by NAEYC… so here are this year’s activities:

Music Monday!   April 11, 2016
Sing, dance, celebrate, and learn

Taco Tuesday   April 12, 2016
Healthy eating and fitness at home and school

Work Together Wednesday   April 13, 2016WeekYoungChild
Work together, build together, learn together

Artsy Thursday   April 14, 2016
Think, problem solve, create

Family Friday   April 15, 2016
Sharing family stories

Have some fun and let’s celebrate April!

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