Nursery Rhymes and Signing with ASL

Integrating Nursery Rhymes into your literacy program is a great way to support the brain with patterns and rhyming, which enhances children’s memory capacity.  As a college professor, I am privileged to work with wonderful individuals working in early childhood.  During class sessions, we have fantastic discussions about child development, developmentally appropriate practices, and how to help children with challenging behaviors. My students are hungry for information and knowledge that will enhance their abilities and skills as teachers.  

ASL Word Card

One strategy that we always talk about time and time again is using American Sign Language (ASL).  This incredibly versatile tool promotes language and communication skills, as well as social-emotional skills.  PLUS, when you integrate it into songs, nursery rhymes, and stories you are supporting early literacy skills. Supporting early literacy skills in early child care provides children with a strong foundation to be lifelong learners and we all know the power of nursery rhymes and their benefits for developing phonological awareness and exposing children to the rhythm of language.  Enhancing children’s memory capacity supports their working memory which in turn supports them in holding information long term as well as supports them in learning concepts like math and reading.

Nursery RhymesDid you know nursery rhymes are also great for other cognitive abilities like sequencing?  Since nursery rhymes have a beginning, middle, and end that can be recalled with ease they support the developmental skill of sequencing which in turn supports math skills. BUT wait, they are also excellent for physical development.  Reciting nursery rhymes gives the oral muscles a workout.
PLUS, having children act them out and integrating ASL gets their whole bodies involved.   It is no wonder we love integrating ASL and nursery rhymes into early child care programs.  Finding tools and resources that support the whole child, every child, like nursery rhymes and ASL create intentional and meaningful experiences for children.  Which supports the love of learning for young children.  

Starting this month we are going to provide you samples of our popular ASL resources… so this month we would like to give you a sample of Nursery Rhymes for Signing. This Three Nursery Rhymes for Signing Sample includes Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star and Hey Diddle, Diddle.  We hope you enjoy our newest resource and for a full version, visit our TPT store to get our Nursery Rhymes for Signing and don’t forget about our other popular resource, Songs for Signing too… this is another great tool for any classroom.

Remember as you are integrating ASL the four most important things to remember are:

1. Be Consistent
2. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat
3. Model, Model, Model – even use ASL with other adults, show the children what you want from them and that this is a natural way of communicating
4. Above all, have FUN!

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Happy Signing II