1, 2, 3 Let’s have FUN with Numbers and ASL!

We all know what a great tool American Sign Language (ASL) is with supporting language and reading, but what about math skills?  1,2,3 so let’s have some fun using ASL with numbers!

ASL is fantastic for supporting children’s math and numeracy development. Integrating ASL into your math program supports development with identifying numbers, counting, sequencing, and matching.  

Research suggest that labeling numbers and letters using ASL finger spelling is beneficial for all styles of learners and stimulates and increases brain growth by strengthening connections and enhancing memory storage. Research has identified that all languages are coded and stored in distinct memory stores of the brain. When integrating ASL with the spoken and written word you are helping the children you work with create multiple storage areas.  This built-in redundancy of knowledge establishes multiple places for children to retrieve the information, therefore, enhancing their knowledge and skills.  

We recommend integrating ASL into your math program by incorporating it into activities like:

  • Rote counting
  • Link the numbers cards in order making a train
  • Identify the correct amount of objects to match the written number.
  • Sign the number as you say the number
  • Sign and spell the number using finger spelling
  • Sing number songs using ASL

Sprouting New Beginnings has wonderful resources integrating ASL and math so we would like to share one with you this month.  Linking Number & Words with ASL

Last but not least, is to remember as you are integrating a new ASL skill with your children don’t forget the four most important things:

Be Consistent


Repeat, Repeat, Repeat


Model, Model, Model – even use ASL with other adults, show the children what you want from them and that this is a natural way of communicating


Above all, have FUN!


Want more? Check out one of our resource stores at Teachers Pay Teachers and have fun incorporating ASL into your math program!